Impeccable Design Makes for a Stunning New Lincoln MKZ

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2013 Lincoln MKZ Luxury

The latest Lincoln MKZ was redesigned to show off exactly how Lincoln does luxury. This sophisticated sedan took a minimalist approach this time around, but the result was an even more elegant vehicle. The 2013 Lincoln MKZ luxury was created after Lincoln decided to take its styling in a different direction. Modern construction and sweeping lines make this new Lincoln in Manitowoc WI a refreshed version of the vehicle luxury auto enthusiasts have come to treasure.

2013 Lincoln MKS Luxury

The 2013 Lincoln MKS is heartbreakingly sleek and luxurious.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ’s beauty has been taken to another level. Its detail-oriented design elevates the vehicle to a work of art and craftsmanship. From the vehicle’s elegant exterior shape to its interior innovation, there wasn’t a single detail in the sedan that was overlooked. Adding a modern flair the vehicle is the beautifully-integrated SYNC with MyLincoln Touch technology and the innovative, wood-trimmed instrument panel. Designed for driver convenience, the center console is intuitively placed with vehicle controls within the driver’s reach.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Wheels

2013 Lincoln MKZ Wheels

2013 Lincoln MKZ Sunroof

2013 Lincoln MKZ Sunroof







The fluidity found on the outside of the vehicle seamlessly makes its way inside the luxury sedan. Clean, graceful styling composes the cabin to make an interior that’s a manmade reflection of natural beauty, as developed by lead Lincoln designer, Soo Kang. Implementing the study of biomimicry, or the imitation of natural designs in manmade objects, Kang created an interior as tactile and organic as nature itself.

2013 Lincoln MKZ interior

2013 Lincoln MKZ Interior

Luxury would be nothing without a feeling of exclusivity and privacy, which is where the Lincoln Drive Control with Active Noise Control comes in. This technology hinders unwanted exterior noises from entering the vehicle, while keeping desired sounds inside the cabin. Drivers are then left with a sophisticated ride that is also peaceful, quiet, and optimized.

Drivers are able to experience more of what the 2013 Lincoln MKZ has to offer here at Maritime Ford. Test drive the Lincoln MKZ in Manitowoc WI today to try out the luxury sedan’s impeccable performance.

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